Apps. Apps everywhere!

Apps. Apps everywhere!

Geeks love tools, don’t they?

However I don’t consider myself a geek. I’m not even a heavy user. I have only few apps installed on my smartphone. But, when I install an application you can be sure that I use it everyday and this app must be a very, very reliable tool. So what apps, beside standard ones like Phone, Mail or Calendar I use regularly ?

There are three major apps without which I feel like a child in the fog:

1Password – as an administrative manager, IT admin, CTO and god knows what more. I keep and store tons of passwords. For me this app has no competition because of its stability, Wi-Fi synchronization (you don’t need to put your password’s vault on external server such as Dropbox or Drive) and platform availability. Its user interface is also quite nice and it flawlesly supports my iPhone’s Touch ID.

OneNote – this is my number one application. I use it everyday for taking notes about my ideas or plans. I type up and analyze problems, write new blog posts, memos and meeting’s minutes and summaries. I like this tool for a data structure (notebooks, sections and pages), flawless synchronization – one, slight disadvantage of OneNote is the necessity of having Microsoft account – and full spectrum of features such as an audio recording, making screenshots or clipping web pages, but to be honest, I use only base functionality plus files attachments.

Wunderlist is another app installed on my smartphone. I used to use Apple’s Reminders for a long time and frankly speaking, I don’t remember why I switched to Wunderslist. Most likely the switch was related to my aversion to being limited and bound by one eco-system. All in all, in my opinion Reminders are as good as Wunderlist is. I don’t make any notes in it besides “to do” lists.

Another two applications can be placed in a category called “I can live without it but it’s very useful”:

HipChat is our team chat tool and I have its mobile client installed. It helps me to keep in touch with my team when I’m away from my desk.

The second application is Asana App. Asana is our collaborative tool that I chose because of its flexibility and price. Three years ago Asana was the cheapest option from all major team tools. It’s not very cheap now but it still meets our needs.

And.. That’s all folks. You could find more apps on my smartphone like Spotify, Polar Flow, Uber and Flickr, but they are only for my personal use. As you can see I keep my device pretty unclattered and I am very light on the amount of apps I use.