KISS rules

KISS rules

I like clear rules when everybody knows what to expect. Especially if we talk about a job and employees. Clear rules make our work more productive and let employees focus on main goals rather than on immaterial side issues.

On the other hand I wouldn’t like to create a rigid environment with restrictive limits. So I try to balance – I set clear rules that everyone can follow but I also keep them open for unforeseen situations. One of our set of rules is concerned with employee’s courses, fairs and conferences. Here they are:

Literature and online courses

Everyone at KISS can send request for buying books, newspapers, subscriptions and access to online courses at any time. Every request will be processed immediately unless our budget is tight. It’s pretty clear.

Attending fairs and conferences

Every engineer at KISS is welcomed to attend fairs or conferences of his/her choice. KISS will pay all costs including an entry fee, travel expenses, as well as up to three days hotel stay. KISS will not pay for food, sightseeing and any other attractions not related to fairs. If you are working for KISS for 12 months or more you have the right to one trip per year. If you are working less than 12 months you also can go but you need a permission from your superior.

Attending fairs or conferences doesn’t reduce your vacation time.

Attending courses and workshops

Any engineer working for 3 months or more has the right to take a training of his/her choice. The training has to be related to engineer’s job. KISS will pay for a course fee, transportation and accommodations for the time of the course. When an employee attends a course he has to sign a contract extending his commitment to KISS by another 12 months. If an engineer decides to quit before this time he will have to return all expenses related to the course.

Attending a training doesn’t reduce your vacation time.

How do you like it? If you, like us, prefer clear rules, check our current job offers right now!