Lovely MacBook

Lovely MacBook

I really love the new 12″ MacBook.

Speaking frankly if I have any single reason for throwing out my old MacBook Air, I would buy this horrible expensive new one in a heartbeat. I know there are milions of people who complain it for being unusable, overpriced and pointless. For having only a single USB-C port. For a low power CPU. Poor graphics. Even for its tiny size of mainboard. And for being a tablet pretending to be a laptop.

I love it for it all. For design but mainly for being so uncompromising and pointless.

I’m not blind (at least I think I’m not) and I see how limited is this new Macbook. I understand that for many people it’s too much castrated. But I still love it and it fits into my use cases. I’m not wired, me and my work live wirelessly.

I don’t use network cable since it annoys me this whole plug-out plug-in cycle everytime I want to move across the office. For the same reason I don’t use external monitor anymore (well, I would like to use it but I’m waiting for flawless wireless operation). I stopped using pendrives and external volumes about one year ago moving entirely into the cloud. No external keyboard. No compact flash cards as my phone dosen’t support it. No wired printers. No mouse… oh, wait. I still use my Logitech mouse and it’s hard to imagine me doing something more than writing without a mouse. It could be problem, beacuse the mouse need a USB dongle to operate. I couldn’t find nice mouse working with Bluetooth yet. But.. Yes, I think I could deal with it.

Another reason is possibility of charging battery from almoust every USB charger. No more carrying heavy power adapter in your briefcase. And beautyful picture on retina display.

It’s wonderful justification of my desires, isn’t it? :)

Finaly, there is very promising project on Kickstarter: Hub+ for USB-C that for $79 gives you all those old ports back. Moreover there is only one connector you have to un/plug when you move. Perfect solution.